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HP241K 3 lines for Packaging Machinery Automatic Coding Machine (30 CM)

2,200.00TL + KDV

Availability:In Stock

Hp 241K Download now date coding machine Renas is easily the horizontal and vertical packaging machines and labeling machines are designed to be mounted. Monte meat packing or labeling machine that co...

Hp 241K Download now date coding machine Renas is easily the horizontal and vertical packaging machines and labeling machines are designed to be mounted. Monte meat packing or labeling machine that comes with the product içeriğib for synchronous operation of the inductive sensor, which is mounted on the moving part is sufficient to suit your machine. Instead of prints you set the label or packaging of history always. Precedent European production is 10 times cheaper than machines.

Our module Hot Foil (hot stamping foils) makes a perfect date printing with ribbon, print exposed to 150-200 degree heat during thermal transfer +80, lasts up to -30 degrees and deleted .. Solvent and much more smoothly according to the ink inkjet printers, maintenance costs and do not require a module that is 11 times cheaper than coding.

Printing can be surface;

- Nylon films, PE / PP, CPP, Triplex, Penthouse, Monoplex, laminated PVC surfaces

- Self-adhesive label films, cellophane or lacquered surface or be laminated on the matter .. can print all kinds of labels.

- Aluminium foil films seem to

- Paper movies

We also hope to encourage the manufacturers of machine you use our modlü date code that you can use in all types of packaging machines used in the packaging and labeling machines ..

Coding module has the coding capacity is 3 or 4 lines of 10 characters per line. Module has SKT, URT, PRT letters with all the numbers 0 to 9 are given. Date change is extremely easy. Examples of encoding methods are given below.

URT 12012015

SKT 12012017

PRT 5546

GR will use addition, KG, with letters like TL can be obtained from us the other letters of the alphabet.

Our product is under warranty against all manufacturing defects, our company.

1500 with a total of more than our Reference, Anytime customer satisfaction and continuous frıendship we are targeting.

HP241K Renas Machine Automatic Date Coding Machine

Machine Specifications

Type HP241K Manuel Date Coding Machine

model HP241K

Coding Source Hot Stamping

Ribbon width 25 - 30 cm

Print Speed ​​120 / min

Machine Weight 5,750 kg

Encoding Capability 3 rows of 42 characters

Our product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

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