RYK-100 - Semi Automatic Screw Capping Machine - 50-500mm

Stokta yok cost of RYK-100 - Semi Automatic Screw Capping Machine - 50-500mm in turkey

RYK-100 Semiautomatic C

RYK-100 Spray Cap Capping Machine Technial Spesifications

Cap Kinds
Spray, Trigger Spray Caps, Pump Caps, Fliptop, all kinds of screw caps etc.
Voltage/Power Cons.220V 50Hz/ 130Watt
Pack Size
68x58x78 cm
59 kg
Air Pressure
4-6 cm2
Cap Sizes
60 PCS Maximum
Bottle Height
50 mm / 500 mm
Made in

RYK-100 Spray Cap Capping Machine Detailed informations;

  1. RYK-100 High Speed Cap Capping Machine designed for capping various kinds of screw caps. You can easily change cap kind without changing any tools or aparatus by only adjusting the height of the bottle and recline bars. 
  2. RYK-100 Can work all kinds of screw caps (twistoff caps excluding), Trigger Caps, Spray Caps, Pump Caps, flipto caps etc.
  3. it can work all kind of bottles between 5 cm to 50 cm bottles. 
  4. its more easier then closing caps by hand or other ways. 
  5. it Does not need extra capping mold for chaning cap sizes, only adjusting for pressure is enought for changing different cap type.
  6. it Operator panel is easy to operate, you can adjust, working mode(automatic or manuel) working intervals etc. Also this operator panel shows the quantity of your work. 
  7. You can work in two different modes: Manuel or automatic, for manuel mode only pressing pedal is enought.
  8. it has wery low power and air consumption, 220v single phase is enought for runing. 
  9. Usually  this machine is in stock, even it does not in stock interval is 1 month. 
  10. RYK-100 is  %100 Turkish Made, %100 RENAS MAKİNA Made. 

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