CYD-Y2-300 Semi Automatic 2 Nozzle Liquid Filling Machine - 20-300ml

cost of CYD-Y2-300 Semi Automatic 2 Nozzle Liquid Filling Machine - 20-300ml in turkey

Technical Specifications of CYD-Y2-300 - 20-300ml Liquid Filling Machine

CYD-Y2 300
Operation Range
20 - 300 ml
10 - 30 Filling/Minute
Filling Sensitivity
Input Voltage
220V AC
Power Consumption
0,5 kW
Air Pressure
0,4 - 0,6 MPa (4 - 6 Bar)
115 * 49,5 * 44 cm
23 kg
Mode of Operation
Pedal or Automatic
Stainless Steel
220V / 50HZ
Suction Pipe
6mm 304 Stainless
Suction Pneumatic Cylinder
DNC Type Thick Wall, Honed Type
Nozzle Pneumatic Cylinder
Less Risk of Pencil Piston Leakage
Certified 304
Airtac Made in Taiwan
Pedal Material
Metal Pedal
Outer Box Material
Gasket Group
Domestic Manufacturing with German Raw Materials

General Features of RYD-Y2-1000 - 100-1000ml Liquid Filling Machine

  1. It can fill 100 - 1000 ml of all low, medium and high viscosity products.
  2. It creates a more professional working environment and requires less labor compared to old-style liquid filling methods.
  3. It works problem-free in products with high viscosity.
  4. RYD-Y2 1000 double nozzle dense liquid filling machine (Semi-automatic) can be quickly disassembled and reassembled without any technical equipment thanks to its flanged ferrule system. In this way, cleaning and maintenance of the machine can be done quickly and easily.
  5. Materials such as gaskets, orings and seals at all points in contact or not in contact with the product are made of anti-bacterial materials. In this respect, it allows you to produce in accordance with GMP requirements.
  6. Thanks to its 0.5 mm pitch pitch precision dosing arm, it prepares the ground for the working environment with minimum drift rate.
  7. Thanks to the emergency button to stop the machine in case of emergency, you will work in compliance with the occupational safety law numbered 6331.
  8. The RYD-Y2 1000 double nozzle dense liquid filling machine (Semi-automatic) has an easy-to-clean flow diverter valve. This allows you to reach every point in contact with the product. This allows you to easily maintain and clean the machine without the need for any technical equipment.
  9. It has two different modes that can be operated according to both production capacity and shape: Automatic and manual.
  10. Thanks to the anti-drip nozzle system, it prevents contamination of the bottles or weight loss that may occur.
  11. The body and other metal parts of the machine are made of stainless steel.
  12. The piston seals of the machine have a long working life.
  13. The RYD-Y2 1000 double nozzle dense liquid filling machine (Semi-automatic) protects the body of the machine against all kinds of electrical hazards thanks to the grounding on the chassis.
  14. Honey, molasses, pomegranate syrup, jam, shampoo, tahini, cream, hair lotion, tomato paste, acuka, garlic sauces, waffle batter, yogurt, butter (in heat), shockella, hazelnut paste, hot chocolate, thick paints, gress oil, car wax, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard sauce and many more.

Optional Features that can be added to RYD-Y2-1000 - 100-1000ml Liquid Filling Machine

In addition to the existing features on the RYD-Y2 1000 double nozzle dense liquid filling machine (Semi-automatic), you can have new features added according to your needs. The main features that you can add to this machine can be listed as follows:

  • Optionally, the points in contact with the product can be made of a different material.
  • If you are filling a liquid product that requires high temperatures, the machine can be built accordingly.
  • A mixer with different speeds or adjustable speed can be added.
  • The sensor of the machine can be designed as triggered.
  • Optionally, a counter showing filling information can be added.
  • For products that need to stay warm at all times, it can be produced with a heater, double wall or single wall.
  • It can be produced for situations where you need to work at different voltages.

RYD-Y2-1000 - Liquid Filling Machine - 100-1000ml - Other Details

  • Delivery time for machines with additional (optional) features varies between 5-20 days.
  • Packaged in accordance with long-distance cargo shipments.
  • Thanks to the cargo company we have contracted with, the transportation of the product is made at an affordable price. If your company already has an agreement with a cargo company, you can also choose to use that cargo.
  • 1 year warranty against fabrication defects.

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Emergency Stop Button

Flanged Ferrule System

Capacity: 10 - 30 Filling / Minute

GMP Certified

Anti-drip Nozzle System

Precise Dosing

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