CMT-50 AL Semi Automatic Cylindrical Bottle Labeling Machine

Stokta yok cost of CMT-50 AL Semi Automatic Cylindrical Bottle Labeling Machine in turkey

Semi Automatic Cylindrical Labeling Machine - CMT-50 AL

Technical Specifications of CMT-50AL - 30-160mm Labeling Machine

Sensitivity Less than ± 3 mm 
25-50 pcs/minute 
Maximum Bottle Diameter 50-180mm
Label Width 20-130 mm
Label Length 30-290mm
220V 50Hz
Engine Power 45Watt
Maximum Coil Diameter 200mm
Diameter of the Luke 76mm
Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 90*45*65 cm
Body Material Aluminum 
Origin PRC

CMT-50 AL  30-160 mm Labeling Machine General Specifications

  1. All moving parts of the CMT-50 are driven by a single braked hybrid motor, which has a longer lifetime than standard asynchronous motors. 
  1. Changing labels or switching to another label is extremely easy. 
  1. It can work seamlessly with different label types.
  1. It is suitable for labeling of all round and cylindrical products such as glass bottles, pet bottles, glass jars, cans, serrated cans. It also works smoothly in difficult processes such as full winding.
  1. Developed to work with all label sizes between 30 mm - 130 mm. Up to 130 mm diameter, it can label all cylindrical objects.
  1. We can add an integrated date coding unit to the machine, so that information such as date, batch number, weight can be coded without the need for additional labor. Date coding feature can be used up to 3 lines and 36 characters in total.

CMT-50 AL - Labeling Machine - 30-160mm - More Related Details
  • Our machine is generally available in stock, if you request one or both of the transparent sensor or date coding options, the deadline can generally be extended by around 1 week.. 
  • Packaged for long distance shipments.
  • Thanks to the cargo company we have contracted with, the transportation of the product is made at an affordable price. If your company has a contracted cargo company, you can also choose to use that cargo.
  • RENAS MAKİNA and Automation systems are under 1 year warranty against factory defects. 
  • Our machine has CE and LVD certificates, we can also provide CO, ATR, EURO 1 certificates upon your request. 

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