CFK-150 Semi Automatic Flip-Off Vial Sealing Machine

cost of CFK-150 Semi Automatic Flip-Off Vial Sealing Machine in turkey

Cover Types It Can Close
Flip Off 
Power Voltage50 Watt - 220 V 50 HZ
Package Dimensions35x25x65 cm
Weigth20 kg
Motor Power50w
Can Close Cover Diameter
10-35 mm
Max.Bottle Height
30-180 mm
10 - 20 P/dk

General Features of CFK-150 Vial Capping Machine

  1. The CFK-150 is a semi-automatic flip-off, high-speed cap sealing machine.
  2. The CFK-150 vial machine allows for the sealing of approximately 25 products per minute.
  3. The vial capping machine enables the closure of products under hygienic conditions.
  4. Thanks to its semi-automatic systems, it can be operated at the desired settings.
  5. The CFK-150 capping machine is practical to use and has an easy-to-understand operator panel.

Additional Details about CFK-150 Vial Cap Sealing Machine

  • It is packaged suitable for long-distance shipments, and we can send it in a wooden crate for shipments outside Istanbul.
  • Thanks to our contracted shipping company, the transportation of the product is done at a reasonable price. If your company has an agreement with a specific shipping company, you can also choose to use that carrier.
  • A 1-year warranty is provided against factory defects.
  • The machine's rubber stoppers are consumables and are not covered by the warranty.

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