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RYPM350 fully automatic servo controlled horizontal packaging machine

74,750.00TL + KDV

Availability:Out Of Stock

RYPM350 Fully Automatic Roll Pack Horizontal Packaging Machine Packaging Machine will do Assortment: RYPM350 horizontal packaging machine works very practical and quiet, RMY horizontal packa...

RYPM350 Fully Automatic Roll Pack Horizontal Packaging Machine


Packaging Machine will do Assortment:


RYPM350 horizontal packaging machine works very practical and quiet, RMY horizontal packaging machine with bread, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, walnut sausage, napkins, cutlery, plates, and you can pack many products like that.




Machine General Features


1) With the encoding device can be optionally added RMYPM350 horizontal packaging machines, each product lot number, you can enter information such as the expiration date.


2) thanks to easy adjustable width feature, you can package several products with the same machine, you can adjust the width of the packaging as soon as possible.


3) all regions and all product contacting surfaces of the machine can operate in a more hygienic because Chrome.


thanks 4) Easy to use screen PLC control, packing, running speed, you can check information such as the amount of production. You never lose the time, especially packaging size is set.


5) With Easy adjustable product supply separators, packaging is very easy to product changes.


6) With the necessary amount of stepper and servo motors are located on does not give packaging waste, as well as thanks to the positioning functions have not stopped, it does not stop and start during packaging waste.


7) RMY thanks to the advanced technology of horizontal packaging machines, requires no manual intervention .. do not need to bother setting hours for each setting.


8) by precise photocell system, which can work comfortably in your printed product.


9) through bonding degree adjustable jaws, thick and thin, you can work seamlessly in many types of packaging.


10) production in no time thanks to plenty of spare parts and maintenance costs affordable never failing, you do not half way.




Machine Specifications


model RMYPM350

Capacity 28-230 pcs / min

Product Supply Manual

Finished Product Size 90-220 or 150-330mm

Finished Product Width 50-160mm

Finished Product Height 60mm

Movie Size 320mm (Max)

Adhesive Type 3 corner

Power Consumption 2400W

Net Weight 925kg

Voltage 220V, 380V / 50Hz

Dimensions L3770 × W720 × H1450mm

His Packaging Packaging Type Plastic / aluminum foil, nylon, etc.


Our product is guaranteed for 1 year against manufacturing defects.


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