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DGYF-300 Manual induction Sealing Machine


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        enas between 20-80 mm DGYF-300 is suitable for all types of cover. Machine Video DGYF-300 Manual Induction Foil Tape Adhesive Machine (20-80 mm) In a sh...

Tags: Induction Machine, Induction Bonding, foil shutdown, foil labels, Safety Belt shutdown, machine, induction machine, induction paste the machine, induction bonding machine

        enas between 20-80 mm DGYF-300 is suitable for all types of cover.


Machine Video


DGYF-300 Manual Induction Foil Tape Adhesive Machine (20-80 mm)

 In a short time with the induction logic (0,3-2sn) providing fast and high temperature, aluminum foil, cut and paste contact with the bottle or jar into the mouth and air. Your product's shelf life is long, mold, moisture, provides lasting protection against external factors such as bacteria that can harm your product. DGYF-300 manual electromagnetic induction tape bonding machine is a handy machine for workshops and laboratories. With the time setting on the control panel can be used in many different products ..



Aluminum Foil Cover last until consumer use of the mouth should be sealed, food / non-food sectors, served in plastic or aluminum container, all in solid, liquid or dust forms of product packaging shutdown safely and are used in order to seal. Induction Machine mouth with adhesive foil and peel off this logic microwave use / torn open. in different dimensions, according to the special demands unprinted or printed, it is manufactured in precut.



After turning off the machine head of our induction electromagnetic waves or by the bottle or aluminum foil from sticking to the mouth of the bottle on the inside cover of the jar lid well.We process is done by holding the top cover of the induction head.

           On the instrument panel: When setting error conditions are the number of containers and sealed.



       Adhesive Type:



Mechanical Properties

Type: Manual induction Foil Sealing Machine

Model: DGYF-300

Voltage AC220V - 50Hz

Power Consumption 300W

0-50 Number Capacity / Minute

YPS. ~ Φ80 φ20 diameter (mm)

weight 2Kg

Dimensions 310 * 290 * 150mm

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